Quick tip - Zoom in and out

Quickly enlarge content in the browser to see it. keyboard, mouse and magnifying glass

To quickly increase or decrease the size of content in the browser, press Ctrl on the keyboard and scroll the mouse wheel up or down.

Or you can press Ctrl on the keyboard and press the + or - keys on the numpad.

Ctrl + Mouse wheel - Zoom in/out.

Ctrl + +/- on the numpad - Zoom in/out.

If you do this in Microsoft Edge (or other Chromium-based web browsers like Chrome, Opera), you will notice that Edge brings up a tab that tells you the zoom level percentage. You can click on the tab to increase or decrease the zoom percentage, or reset it back to 100%.

Edge zoom level percentage tab

You can also reset the zoom to 100% by pressing Ctrl+0.

Ctrl + 0 - Reset Zoom to 100%

The Firefox browser looks a little different but does pretty much the same thing. As you can see, Firefox also lets you know that you can reset the zoom level by pressing Ctrl+0, which you can do with the other browsers too.

Firefox zoom level percentage

I'll be adding more to this page to cover enlarging content throughout the Windows OS.
For now, this was a quick tip for enlarging content in the browser.

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