Now you can Skype with non-Skype users

Invite non-Skype users to join your Skype meeting. Skype logo, microphone and speaker

Microsoft recently released a new feature to Skype called `Meet Now'. This new Meet Now feature allows you to make a Skype call with someone who does not use Skype.

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Skype.
  • Within Skype, press Meet Now.
  • Copy the link to your meeting (and add other users if necessary).
  • Share your invite link (via Skype or email) to someone who does or doesn't use Skype.
  • Start the call, and wait for the other person (or people) to join the meeting via their web browser.

Skype - Meet Now

Skype - Share invite

This new Meet Now feature works in supported web browsers. At the time of testing this feature, Edge and Chrome worked fine.

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