We have a new web host!

I'm grateful to have their support.. Home, package and OK hand sign

I'm happy to announce that The Computer Mouse has changed web hosts and is now being hosted by hostworld.uk.

Due to some technical issues and site downtime with the previous company, it was time to change up.

Hostworld.uk reached out and have impressed me with their professionalism, enthusiasm, and quality of service since. They offer a more modern customer user interface, up-to-date and secure software, a plethora of tools and apps, and a faster network leading to faster page loading times. The fresh change-up is like night and day.

It does pay to keep on top of these things and work with motivated professionals.

So, I'm grateful for the change and look forward to evolving further.

As always, if you have any questions or you'd like to get involved here at TheComputerMouse.com, feel free to get in touch or add a comment on any of the blog posts here. Thanks.

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