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How to convert currency, volume, speed, and many things in Windows 10. special characters

Did you know that Windows 10 has a converter app? If you need to convert any numbers or measurements, then the ideal thing to do in Windows 10 is search for the word or action you require, in this case `convert'. To do this, just press Start and type convert. You will see in Windows 10's list of Best match options the calculator app:

Best match: Calculator

If the calculator app is at the top of the list, then you can just press Enter to open it. If not, just click on it to open it.

Calculator in Windows 10

The image above shows the expected calculator app, but also the lower half of the app shows some converter options. If you click on your desired choice, you can convert currency, volume, length, weight & mass, temperature, energy, area, speed, time, power, data, pressure or angle. Here's an example of the Currency converter:

Calculator/Currency converter in Windows 10

It's good to know that Windows 10 includes a built-in converter app. You just need to remember how to find it. Obviously converting (in this case) is a type of calculating, so you could search for either term.

But that's not all though! Did you notice another Windows 10 gem - the Date calculator? How many days have you or your friends been alive?

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