Camera, scissors, ruler and crayon

Quick tip - Screenshots

Jan 28, 2020 By

How to take different screenshots.

keyboard, mouse and magnifying glass

Quick tip - Zoom in and out

Jan 27, 2020 By

Quickly enlarge content in the browser to see it.

scroll, broom and thinking face

Quick tip - Clear browsing data

Jan 12, 2020 By

How to clear the browser cache / history.

2 bugs and hand with thumbs up

Second opinion anti-malware

Updated - Jan 26, 2020 By

The main contenders in the second opinion Anti-Malware race.

coffin, windows 7 logo and waving hand

Stop using Windows 7

Updated Jan 27, 2020 By

Official support for Windows 7 has ended.

Computer parts and monitor

Building computers

Edited - Jan 30, 2020 By

(An Introduction for Beginners)

Image of malware and magnifying glass

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Updated - Jan 26, 2020 By

(How-to guide)

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Windows 10 tips for beginners

Edited - Jan 27, 2020 By

Windows 10 tips stemming from questions asked by beginners.

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Web browsers for Windows

Updated - Jan 23, 2020 By

Basically, all of the main web browsers for Windows.

fire extinguisher, laptop and broom

Computer maintenance

Edited - Jan 20, 2020 By

For Windows, and including free third-party maintenance apps.

Home, package and OK hand sign

We have a new web host!

Jan 20, 2020 By

I'm grateful to have their support..

Microsoft Edge logo, newspaper icon and globe

The new Microsoft Edge is available

Jan 16, 2020 By

Download it now or wait for Windows Update.

Skype logo, microphone and speaker

Now you can Skype with non-Skype users

Dec 30, 2019 By

Invite non-Skype users to join your Skype meeting.

Kaomoji in Windows 10

Kaomoji - Windows 10 gems

Dec 30, 2019 By

How to type kaomoji in Windows 10.

a number 7, an alarm clock, and a waving hand

Windows 7 has 1 year month left

Dec 14, 2019 By

It's time to hurry up and switch to Windows 10.

a teacher, a checkmark and a young family

Microsoft Edge tips

Edited - Feb 5, 2020 By

Learn more about Microsoft Edge. Helpful for beginners.

a brain, a scale, and an abacus

Converter - Windows 10 gems

Jan 7, 2019 By

How to convert currency, volume, speed, and many things in Windows 10.

special characters

Character Map / symbols - £$¥¢©

Updated - Dec 30, 2019 By

How to type special characters or symbols in Windows.

a young boy, a calendar, and an old lady

Date Calculator - Windows 10 gems

Jan 7, 2019 By

How many days have you been alive? Would you like to know how long ago something was?

Emoji in Windows 10

Emoji - Windows 10 gems

Updated - Nov 24, 2018 By

How to type emoji in Windows 10.

headphones, musical notes and CD

Audio players for Windows

Updated - Apr 22, 2018 By

Popular audio players for Windows.

padlock, filing cabinet, and key

Free security apps for Windows

Updated - Jan 30, 2020 By

The more popular free security apps for Windows.

A computer, an intray, and files

Free office suites for Windows

Updated - May 27, 2018 By

The best free office suites for the full office experience.

a number 10, a laptop and a gift-wrapped box

What's new in Windows 10?

Edited - Jan 27, 2020 By

What to expect when switching to Windows 10, plus new features coming soon.

keyboard and notepad

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Updated - Jan 28, 2020 By

Useful keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

Settings icon, mechanic and recycle bin

Windows 10 maintenance

Updated - Jan 30, 2020 By

Using only the built-in Windows 10 maintenance tools.

Tools for Windows 10

Tools for Windows 10

Updated - May 4, 2018 By

Some useful tools for Windows 10. What tools do you recommend?

Digital audio workstation

Free digital audio workstation (DAW)

Updated - May 4, 2018 By

Download Cakewalk by BandLab now. And start making music with the pros.

Microsoft Shopping Assistant

Microsoft Shopping Assistant (browser extension)

Nov 25, 2018 By

Find the cheapest prices plus price change alerts with this handy browser extension.

a mouth, a microphone and a speaker

Cortana for beginners

Updated - Apr 16, 2017 By

How to use Cortana in Windows 10 / See Cortana in action.

alarm clock, light bulb and moon

Night light - Windows 10 gems

Jan 7, 2018 By

Get a better sleep by using Windows 10's Night light.